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Lanesboro Arts

Lanesboro Arts

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About Us

Through a diverse spectrum of community arts programming, Lanesboro Arts supports both emerging and established artists, helps revitalize public spaces, and build a sense of community and civic pride among the 754 people who call Lanesboro home. Bringing innovative arts experiences to audiences for over 35 years, Lanesboro Arts serves as a national model for empowering communities through the arts.

Lanesboro Arts programs include:

  • Juried Sales Gallery featuring work by more than 90 regional artists working in variety of media.

  • Exhibition Gallery showcasing five diverse individual or group art exhibits each year, in addition to annual High School & Emerging Artist Exhibitions.

  • St. Mane Theatre, an historic 126-seat venue that presents films, concerts, drama, and the 'Over the Back Fence' community variety show.

  • Art in the Park annual fine art festival in Sylvan Park with 90+ artist booths, live music, food vendors, & more -- taking place annually on 3rd Saturday in June.

  • Artist Residency Program that connects the community to emerging artists from Minnesota & New York City through place-based art projects.

  • Arts education & creation activities such as Surprise Sculpture and Open Studio.

  • Lanesboro Arts Campus initiatives such as the Poetry Parking Lot, Discover Sculpture Explore Lanesboro Medallion walking tour, & the ''Colors of Bluff Country'' mural.

  • Other cross sector collaborations such as the Youth Access Technology Project or Smithsonian Water/Ways.


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